Monday, March 7, 2011

What is My Sign?

Star divination and star configurations

Star divination in various cultures evolved into particular shapes of cryptic cosmogony. Astrology substantiates that consequences of various events on the Earth are dependent on the placements and movements of the Sun, Moon, planets, their satellites, and stars. Astrologists assert that the position of heavenly bodies at the moment of nascency predetermines the person's character and fate. The heavenly designs may help forecast the future occurrences. Astrologists map the position of ethereal bodies in established houses of the Zodiac.

My expectations and celestial bodies

Forecasting the future, Astrologists symbolize the heavens as a circle sectioned into 12 star signs. Each planetary house is ruled by a different sign of the zodiac. The celestial body that occurs in a specific star sign acts on the affairs related to that star sign. An individual's psychological type and attitudes to life can be correlative with the sign of the zodiac in which the sun was positioned at the moment of his or her birth. The astrology studies these relations to prefigure future events.

Heavens and nascence date

The Assyrian interpretation of constellations turned into the basis of zodiac scheme. The sun performs an annual travel across the ethereal heavens. The medieval Astrologists linked the star configurations and particular dates when the sun went through constellations. Zodiac is an imaginary band on both sides of the ecliptic. The zodiac accepts the areas of moviment of the Sun and Moon as well as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and other planets. Each of the 12 planetary houses of the Zodiac engages 30° of the circle. These planetary houses no longer agree to the astronomical star configurations in which the sun as a matter of fact comes. The configurations are asymmetrical in dimension andshape; however, the sun on a regular basis occurs in the constellation of Ophiuchus. Some Astrologists now believe that Ophiuchus is the 13th sign of the zodiac.

Sign of the zodiac and present state of the art

Today, there is no strict connexion between the celestial coordinates and the houses. This was the rationality I made up my mind to help individuals wanting to know what is my sign and created People visiting my website can detect easily in what sector the Sun was the day they were born and relate it to their sign of the zodiac. Particularly curious visitors can also familiarize themselves wth the day of week they were born as well as sidereal time GMT and precise sun location at the moment of that particular for everybody occasion.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The daily horoscope and freedom of choice

How Internet astrology helps create free online horoscopes

At present everyday existence of many people cannot be imagined without computers and Internet. Internet and astrology became an inseparable part of computer world and this alliance led to significant and radical changes almost in all spheres of the ancient astrological science. At present, powerful astrological programs arm astrologers with additional useful tools helping them to perform astrological computations and forecasts in the most efficient and accurate manner. For numerous astrologers and their clients Internet became fantastic communicational field and gigantic informational source. This virtual reality overturned our representation and interpretation of the past, present, and future. The importance of the Internet for astrology is so great that some astrologers even attempted to create horoscopes for Internet itself taking its date of birth as starting point for their investigations.

Useful features of astrology online

At present, online astrology and free online horoscopes became ordinary finding on specialized websites. This useful resource is easily accessible and Internet users may enjoy accurate and comprehensive forecasts grounded on the time tested standards of scientific astrological approaches. Astrologists offer online future forecasts embracing almost all spheres of human activity such as health, relationships, love, family, business, and career. Experts affirm that internet astrology is more precise in forecasting the events. Clients receive the correct and comprehensive answers to the questions about future occurrences in life together with information when these events may happen. The popularity of free online horoscopes is explained by the fact that they may help find answers to almost any questions and an accurate horoscope can show the curious user the right way to follow. People wanting to be successful in business often are usefully advised about their possible future undertakings. Astrologers are able to solve effectively business and career problems and even predict such events as job growth and advancement. Those who want to arrange their private life are happy to find their love among compatible signs of the zodiac. Astrologers propose free online horoscopes to forecast the love affairs and marriage and in this way play an extremely significant part in creating matrimonial harmony and happiness. Modern technologies allow realizing direct communication with experienced astrologers by means of chatting with them and getting useful advice concerning problems that torment people.

How to recognize reliable free online horoscopes

To be reliable free online horoscopes must be first of all accurate and give correct information. Internet visitors value and welcome the exactness of horoscope forecasts and astrological recommendations. It is very good when astrologers clarify and enlighten site visitors about such matters as personal qualities, health, family status, money, career, and spiritual growth. The horoscopes may be available on the daily, weekly monthly and even yearly basis. People also pay attention to the excellence in writing the horoscopes and the clarity of language. Important are also the website designs and presentation of horoscopes as well as accessibility of additional content.

Human qualities of Internet astrologers

Many astrologers demonstrate deep understanding of human psychology and often dispose the visitors to spiritual contemplation. Astrologers in their predictions still believe in free will and freedom of choice. The understanding of human soul helps astrologers to investigate profoundly the most difficult subjects. Some astrologers not only make predictions, but also can expose the underlying ideas, thoughts, expectations, doubts and fears to help understand and improve family conditions, love affairs, health state, money problems, and career advancement. For some visitors of astrology sites their acquaintance with this useful source of information turns into an unbelievable experience of awareness of the past, present, and future events.

What should I expect from free online horoscopes?

Astrologers try to extract maximum of useful information from the zodiacal signs and assist their clients in difficult situations showing astrological possibilities and chances. Astrologers may offer individual horoscopes and individual astrological predictions. The site designs are usually trouble-free for navigation and loaded with useful and attractive content. Most sites are advantageously constructed and the horoscope predictions can be found on numerous individual pages for signs of the zodiac. The sites usually present general viewpoint for some period of time with birthday forecasts. Many sites offer daily predictions for health, career, and love. Some of these forecasts are written with deep astrological insight and understanding of the subject matter.
Web pages may demonstrate graphically the location of planets and stars. Curious site visitors may also find rune stone readings, tarot readings and numerology interpretations.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ASTROLOGY: Linking thread of times and destinies

Our existence can be divided in three segments: the past, the present and the future. If we look back into the past, we can see it, analyze it, and draw conclusions. But we are unable to touch the past; we just look into it as if it were separated by a glass window. Very often we want to have a look into the future, but it is hidden from our eyes and lost in the mists of time.

From times immemorial it is known that stars and planets can influence upon people, animals and things and in this way determine their future destinies. Astrology is the science that tries to find substantiation to this fact and explain it. It studies the connections between the movements of the stars and planets in the sky and the interior and exterior life of the man. Astrology is an occult science and can be practiced only by those who have special knowledge. In astrology the reality is understood as being ruled by an impersonal will of the Absolute, which is the initial cause of the revealed world as a whole. The basis of this science is the conception of reincarnation. According to this conception every human being possesses an immortal soul, which, being incarnated in consecutive order in different conditions strives for acquiring a certain experience and, becoming free of the fettering shells, aspires to dissolve into the Absolute.

Astrology considers the motion of the planets from the geocentric standpoint. In accordance with various kinds of motions the astrologers study astrologic houses, signs and epochs. The acting characters in astrology are stars and planets, the Sun and the Moon including. The actions of the planets upon destinies and characters of people are interconnected. Astrologers create the natal charts where zodiacal signs, houses and planets are represented as they were at the moment of the person’s birth. The chart determines the general rhythm of the person, his or her dispositions, temptations and abilities. However, the chart tells nothing about spiritual level of the person and what his or her choice will be. Astrology of foretelling can say what events will occur and when they will take place. From the point of view of the person’s development the astrologic day of birth when the transit Sun passes the ascendant of the natal chart is very important. The chart is the play of human life where the houses are the scenery (spheres of life), the planets are acting characters, the aspects are relations among them, the signs are the ways of performing, and the events of the play are taking place according to the transits.
The main method of the chart interpretation is deducing the particular from the general.

Astrology allows seeing the unity of the external and internal world and understanding the true limits of the freedom of human will. Any foretelling is possible to the exactness of free human will. Astrology gives the person the opportunity to single out and realize the moments of choice and, in this way, the moments of creative work of life. The destiny makes the problem of choice: either free-will self-restriction and work or sufferings and forced restrictions. Astrology helps to find and realize this alternative and make the life, difficulties and troubles sensible, at least in the frames of a personal destiny. However, in this case it is necessary to change the habitual way of thinking. Astrology answers the question: how one should live and what is the goal of human life. The goal is working the chart out. Harmonic aspects give faculties and luck; they must be used for solving problems and overcoming obstacles appearing as a result of the action of tensed aspects. In other words astrology may improve quality of life.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

To believe or not to believe in free online horoscopes?

Many people often ask this question and sometimes cannot find the answer. Several years ago I asked this question to myself. To get the answer I decided to know more about astrology and astrologers. I have read many books about astrology and created my own site - Is future foretelling a science or not? Are the prophesies of astrologers true? May I believe in them? These were the reasons why I started to learn history. I wanted to find some facts supporting the idea that astrologers can really foretell future and their suggestions were in fact taken into consideration by people when making decisions. When I investigated this interesting subject, I found out lots of examples making me believe that very often the horoscopes are true and that events foretold by astrologers did really occur. I also knew that many influential people, among them kings and emperors, politicians, scientists, writers and poets, artists, actors, film stars, simple people do believe in astrology, often ask for astrologers’ advice and take their recommendations into account. Why does it happen? It is because the astrologers’ prognoses do really come true. Their suggestions help to avoid mistakes and take the right decision. Go confidentially in the direction shown to you by horoscope and your life will become more secure, colorful and bright.

And here are some examples supporting the idea that horoscopes are truthful and you can believe them. Many great minds of humanity studied astrology and believed in it, but sometimes they did not recognized it publicly being afraid to be misunderstood by society. Many poets in their verses defended this science; among them Homer, Vergilius, Dante, Chaucer, Milton, Byron, Goethe, Schiller, and Shakespeare. For Dante astrology was most noble science filled with harmony and music. During long time Goethe was busy with practice and theory of astrology. In his biography he precisely described the positions of stars and planets at the moment of his birth. Walter Scott wrote that all peoples are united under influence of stars. The great physician of all times Hippocrates had foretold the disastrous plague in Athens and soon that epidemics did really happen. Here are examples of doubtless astrological prognoses. The Archbishop Saint Andruce had been suffering for a long time from a very peculiar disease and doctors were unable to diagnose it and to treat the patient. In 1552 he asked for help the great astrologer Gerolamo Cardano. The astrologer created the horoscope and owing to this horoscope the doctors were able to know the disease and to treat it. When Cardano was leaving the priest he told him that it was in his power to treat his disease but he was unable to change the priest’s destiny or prevent it. Eighteen years later this priest was executed by the order of Mary, Queen of Scotland. Another example is Tycho Brahe prophesy. Studying in 1577 the comet, lately named in his honor, the great astronomer and astrologer came to conclusion that a prince would be born in the North of Germany and this prince would make lots of troubles for Germany. The time proved that the prognosis was right. The prince Gustave Adolph was born in Finland and he created great troubles and misfortunes for Germany during the wars; he died in 1632 as Brahe foretold. Lord Bacon wrote in one of his books that when he was in France he was told that the Queen asked to make her husband’s horoscope under a false name. The astrologer foretold that the king would be killed at the duel and the queen laughed at it considering that her husband is above such things. Great was her surprise when soon her husband was killed by Montgomery who pierced the king with his spear. The astrologers foretold to Alexander Macedonian not only the hour of his death but also the cause of it. The astrologers warned Alexander against entering Babylon but he did not listen to them. He entered the city and found his death there. Michel Nostradamus foretold in the form of verses many impressive events and lots of them came true centuries later. He foretold the great London fire, French Revolution, and coming to power of Napoleon whom he precisely described many years before his appearance on European scene. Cicero wrote that one should admit the existence of the power of foretelling the future. We see it, we hear it, we feel it, we think about it and we read about it.

To my mind everyone must decide himself or herself to believe or not to believe in horoscopes. You may check if the horoscope prognoses come true or not clicking here - free online horoscopes by

Certainly, individual horoscopes, worked out for you personally, will be more precise. But I think that the free online horoscopes can also give you advice in your everyday affairs, troubles and romantic adventures.